Finished the Implemention of Microsoft CRM 3.0 on CISCO CME V3.4 (Call Manager Express) with Cisco Unified CRM Connector V 3.0

Used together, Cisco’s VoIP gear and Microsoft’s CRM software allow for features such as screen pops, wherein customer information stored in the CRM application automatically pops up on the user’s screen as the call comes in.

A click-to-dial feature lets users launch calls from Microsoft CRM contact records. The integrated systems also enable call tracking, for monitoring call duration; and information capture, for keeping track of incoming and outgoing call numbers.

The Communications Connector runs on a server along with Microsoft’s CRM software and requires client software to be installed on each desktop. It communicates with Cisco’s router-based CallManager Express software.

No additional hardware is required, and employees answering IP phone calls can be located anywhere network access is available [more information] [cisco]

 28/3/2006 15:00