AI Progress in the Last 5 Months (December 2023 – May 2024)

While there isn’t a central source that compiles all AI advancements into a neat table, here’s a breakdown of some key areas of progress in the last 5 months:

Area of ProgressDescription
Focus on Long-Term RisksThere’s a growing concern for the potential negative impacts of advanced AI. Research is exploring ways to mitigate these risks and ensure responsible development.
Shifting AI PhilosophyThe field is moving away from solely mimicking human cognition and towards building effective AI systems even if they don’t think exactly like humans.
AI-powered Patent ResearchAI is being used to analyze vast amounts of patent data, aiding research and development efforts.
Improved Named Entity RecognitionAdvancements in AI allow for better identification of key entities (like researchers or institutions) within academic literature, facilitating knowledge discovery.
Large Language Models (like me!)Continued progress in LLMs like me allows for more comprehensive understanding of information and generation of human-quality text formats.